Find Default Passwords For Your Modem

ADSL modems use 192.168.l.l address as the management pane address. The international producer of modem devices updated its software to enable users to easily manage their connection and security. With the updated software, users can make customize configuration changes in the management panel of the modem whenever they encounter connection problems. When you enter 192.168.l.l IP address and enter the correct login details, you have full authorization of your management panel. You can hence make personalized changes to the configurations and settings that router firmware provides.

When you access 192.168.l.254 from your browser, the most common problem is that you don’t have the default password. If users try to login with any username and password, they are prompted that they have entered the wrong login details. One of the reason is because many users forget login details or do not know the default login details. If you don’t know your default username or password, you can learn them easily.

The only way available is to reset your modem back to the factory settings. Every modem device has a reset button that is somehow hidden. To press it, you need a needle or toothpick and hold on for 20 seconds to turn back the device to factory settings. Using this method might break your internet connection because the internet settings will be changed.

You may find out the default username and password for the router manufacturer. For instance, most Linksys routers have the same default username and passwords including the default settings. The default username and password is the word “admin”. For Netgear, the default username is almost always “admin” while the password is “1234”.